Remote Support

TEN31 Technology provides you with fast service without leaving your desk, saving you money and increasing productivity.

Faster Support

Provide instant, reliable support to users directly using a secured remote software to connect on your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more. We’ll get it fixed without leaving your desk.

Provide Superior Service

Improve service levels and customer satisfaction with seamless, high-quality remote support for every end-user. Provide scalable, enterprise-grade support that keeps your business running, whether you’re fixing a Linux server across the ocean or an iPhone across town.

Secure Your Business

Support teams need administrative access to desktops and critical systems to do their job. The security of their remote access tools is crucial in protecting your network from threats and meeting compliance regulations. 

IT Services

IT Consultation

Get help from our team of professionals. They have the skills, knowledge & experience and are proficient in project planning, system & process design, implementation, project admin, and support. Setting up an effective IT solution for your business won’t be a struggle.

Network Configuration

When it comes to network, new installation or an upgrade, we take appropriate steps to guarantee that the process goes easily and exactly. We can assess business networks and recommend modifications that cater to specific commercial needs. We also give you valuable insight into your company’s network so you will know if it’s the right time to add or invest on your company’s system. Thus, your company network runs efficiently with fewer disruptions and ensure your system remains at its optimal level.

System / Software Integration

Your corporate IT platform requires appropriate hardware and software as well as a system that fulfills these requirements, allow us to step in, with our in-depth knowledge of various operating systems, applications, computer components and peripherals, we can advise what best suits your company. Our team will ensure that your new corporate IT platform will run smoothly.

Security & Data Protection

Security is one of the most crucial part in IT. Our IT Security will reduce the risk and chances of unauthorized disclosure and alteration or destruction of confidential information. With data protection, we have backup processes to guarantee that tasks run on schedule and data is securely backed up and can be restored. We have all the effective processes and methods in place to maintain data integrity. We will help you protect sensitive data and achieve peace of mind.

Email Services

Communication is the key to a successful business, to make this easier, we will help you with our improved email services to organize all email accounts in the most secured and convenient way possible. We provide easy access and storage of e-mail messages in your business. With our upgraded email services, there’s less complexity in managing multiple accounts.

IT Health Monitoring

Let your company operate at a level of security, less to no downtime. Our team will aid you with systematic and responsive information on your network, servers and all of your devices. Infrastructure problems will be solved faster than the typical and traditional way. With an improved system performance, you can plan ahead and act with confidence.

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