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Your data is very important, whether it’s personal or corporate asset. And we know that the data you value so much is always at risk. Let us protect your data from getting lost caused by ransomware, viruses, corruption and natural disaster.

Securely backup your data on the cloud. Having it safely backed up in the cloud, you won’t need to worry on the hardware resources and maintenance.

We will design a backup solution for you, scheduled daily/weekly/monthly whatever suits your needs. With a secured, encrypted connection to the cloud, making sure you will never loose your data from fire, flood, hardware failure and even thefts.

Besides the Secured Cloud Backup, we will install a trusted and reliable security software to your PC to prevent the risk of exposure to cyber threats.

Get our data security package and have the peace of mind you always wanted.

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Cloud Backup Solution Package

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Easy to deploy
  • Secured Backup
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • One Solution for any device
  • Easy Access & Recovery
  • Support included

Plus get a Reliable Security Software up to 3 PCs.

Deal this good don’t last forever! Grab it!