Basic Technologies Must Have For Small Business

Running your own business is rewarding and at the same time challenging. That is why, you need to have the right technology tools around. Considering these technologies would help you overcome the challenges. In order for you to be not left behind, these suggested technology is a must have.

1. Online Presence

Living in the age of modern internet, your presence online is a must, if you want them to find you. There are several ways to achieve this. One is to get a Website. If my observation is correct, there is no successful company that has no website, it is one of the most traditional but effective way to be seen on the world wide web. Having a great website design is a plus, make sure to consider the responsiveness, mobile compatibility and being search engine friendly. I am sure you know that Social Media also helps. Having a Facebook page, Instagram, twitter and so on is a good idea, take advantage of these and link them to your website, also don’t forget LinkedIn a good source for talents.

2. Email Address

Yes, email address. Since you have registered a domain for your website, use it as well for your email address. Some small businesses choose to use free email like hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc., there is nothing wrong with it, but having your own domain name linked to your email address shows professionalism in conducting a business, it represents your business better than free emails adds. Besides professionalism and building customer trust, you can protect critical data of your business, prevent spams and have a secured backup.

3. Storage / File Server

Having a Local Storage Server or File Server makes your data centralized and easier to control. While file sharing helps the work to be done faster and easier, you will also have the control to allow and restrict permissions to access a file or folder. Today’s technology gave us option whether to store it in a local server or on the cloud. For Cloud Storage, having those local server features, it also enable you to ‘throw’ data into the cloud and without worrying about how it is stored or backed up. When you need the data, as long as you have internet you simply reach into the cloud and access it anywhere anytime.

4. Accounting Software

The accounting process could run faster and more efficient if you have a software to help you, having it to automatically calculate for you and print professional invoice, you would minimize error and finish your work faster. But of course you should invest for a computer to install the software and a printer for the invoices. You could either install it on your PC or get an online account.

5. Backup System

One of the most important thing your business to keep safe, is your data. Aside from the possibility of your computer to being stolen, in the long run, computers can fail and corrupt the data stored. Backup system can save you from this possible lost. Have a backup software or just a scheduled script to backup your data in a storage server either to your external disk, to your servers local or cloud, make sure you have a a good backup. For extended security, you can add features to your backup like encryption, mirroring etc. You can schedule a daily, weekly and monthly backup depending on your company’s frequency of data use.

6. Messaging

Having a messaging app or group to communicate with your team is a great idea. For customer service, one of the ways to provide real time customer service is having chat or messaging system like sms/txt, social media, chat bots and more. Most websites you can see a widget somewhere around the corner with agents on standby to answer or guide customers when needed. Besides having your phone and email, messaging system is a great add-on.

7. Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is one effective way to advertise and spread the word regarding your business, most online shops find this good way to invite current customers to come back. Having the tools for building email designs, knowing who is interacting and maybe safely sending mass emails to different addresses without being labeled as spammer, this reduces the workload and increase productivity.

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